Click Vinyl flooring Pros and Cons

Talia cassell
Talia cassell

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Click vinyl is one of the most popular flooring options available on the market. The reason for this is due to its affordable price and durability. Made with a combination of linoleum and quark provides a comfortable flex underfoot while offer scratch and water resistance. It is a synthetic material that can be designed to match natural floorings such as tile or hardwood. To help you have a better idea of if click vinyl is the right flooring for your home we have listed out the pros and cons!

Installing Click Vinyl Flooring


One of the best features click vinyl offers is that is extremely easy to install. It is flexible so it can be easily set over uneven flooring. interlocking vinyl makes it easy to just click the flooring together and doesn’t require any glue stables, or materials to attach the floor. which makes it great for DIY installations. Additionally, our is created offers already attached sound matt so you won’t need to worry about getting an underlay.


There are very few cons when installing click vinyl. The main issues that come up are that glue-down vinyl flooring can damage the flooring underneath.



Vinyl is a very affordable option and is great if you are looking for a durable budget-friendly option for your home. It runs at around $2-$4 a square foot. In comparison to hardwood flooring that is priced at $5-$10 a square foot or carpet that runs around $3-$5.5 a square foot.


Although pricing stays consistent the quality doesn’t always. Make sure when purchasing you are buying from a reputable brand. So that you can make sure you’re purchasing the best quality. Purchasing a thicker flooring option with a larger wear layer will end up becoming more cost-effective in its long life span.

Click vinyl Durability


Vinyl flooring is extremely durable in both scratch resistance and being waterproof. Click vinyl is long-lasting and individual planks can easily be replaced if it’s interlocking rather than other vinyl types. Also, when purchasing vinyl MCF Mansfield includes a lifetime residential warranty.


Even though vinyl is extremely durable sharp items hitting it with impact can Peirce or dent it.


Versatile design options


If you are looking for a specific design or color for your home you are bound to find it with vinyl’s endless color options! Any design or color can be printed on it to resemble your favorite wood or tile since it’s a synthetic material.


Vinyl can’t imitate other materials like wood or tile, but it does match up pretty close.



Overall Click vinyl flooring offers a wonderful, durable surface that will last for years. It is a great option for homeowners with kids or dogs and needs an affordable option. Click here to shop all of our stunning click vinyl options!

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