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Plywood or particle board? Which is right for you?

As you search for budget-friendly cabinets for your home, you find it getting hard to find an affordable option. It may be tempting to find the most affordable cabinet and buy it. But before you purchase the most affordable option, you should take the time to read through this post. Because you may find that the cheaper cabinets end up being a larger expense in the longtime! Let’s look at the different materials for your cabinet box construction. There are two main box types, Plywood, and Particleboard that you will need to consider! Although both have their benefits, you have to consider a few things. How much upkeep do you want to deal with on your cabinets? Which will last longer? Which is more affordable upfront and in the long run? So let’s look into if Plywood or Particleboard is the right cabinet box for you.

Plywood cabinet boxes

Let’s start with plywood. Plywood is a panned veneer wood that’s rotated and glued to every layer to create a strong durable cabinet box construction. Plywood not only offers a better box construction it offers, the look of real wood and is often finished with a clear coat to make it feel nice to the touch. Double-check on the thickness of the plywood before purchasing. Some cabinet manufactures will make the plywood too thin which takes away from the overall strength and quality. For a cabinet you are going to want the plywood to be between 5/8″ or 3/4″, anything under that will not be as durable. So let’s look into the nitty-gritty of this type of cabinet box.


Plywood board needs minimal upkeep with an occasional cleaning. These cabinet boxes are typically made with birch plywood or Beech plywood which offers a water-resistant surface this is a huge benefit with choosing a plywood cabinet. Even so, you will want to steer clear of leaving water or cleaning liquids. Try to wipe it up shortly so as not to cause any damage. There are some specific products and protocols you will want to follow when it comes time to cleaning plywood cabinets. 

How does it hold up? Plywood board

Particleboard cabinet boxes

Particleboard is made up of wood pieces like wood shaving and sawdust and glued together with resin. This can result in it falling apart over time from water damage or humidity. It’s less durable than a quality plywood box, but if the particleboard cabinet is made well it can become a good option. Particleboard cabinets are a good option for those on a tight budget. You will just need to be willing to take the time to protect them from any liquid and weather changes.


Particleboard does need a bit more upkeep even with the higher-end options because if moisture or humidity comes in contact with the cabinet, it will over time start to fall apart.  For general cleaning information and upkeep on Particleboard click the link.


When it comes down to picking particle board or plywood cabinets you have to look at a few factors to make the best choice for your home. Let’s start with particleboard which over the years has greatly improved and now has denser and more durable smooth options. It is a more affordable option and with the right box construction can hold up well. The main downfall with particleboard is that it can crack or break under heavy weight or fall apart with moisture. Now looking at a plywood cabinet, they are overall stronger and more durable the even the best quality particleboard. They create a beautiful wood look to your kitchen cabinet interior and from trusted manufacture will be made to last. The main downfall with plywood is that it can be damaged from too much liquid exposure even though it is water-resistant.


Both need similar upkeep and take similar steps when clean. Out of the two plywood is a bit better when it comes to upkeep due to its ability to hold up to moisture. You will want to be sure to research proper cleaning practices and to make sure to dry up and moisture or water from the surfaces.


Overall particleboard cabinets are going to have a more affordable price upfront and when using high-end particleboard it can be

 a good cabinet that will last you many years. Even though there are now good options in particleboard, it will never compare to the strength and overall quality plywood brings to your kitchen. Plywood is just a stronger material and due to its water-resistant properties, it will hold up better and be a lifelong stable cabinet for your home. 


When it comes down to picking Particleboard or plywood cabinets you have to consider the pros and cons of each. I would highly recommend picking plywood. It is worth the extra money if you are looking to find long-lasting cabinets with minimal upkeep. Although, as mention priory particle board cabinets have become better quality over the years and maybe better for what you are needing. Whichever cabinet box you decided on make sure to properly clean and maintain them to preserve their look and functionality! Click the link Contact us to get a free quote on the perfect cabinets for your home!

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