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When picking cabinets for your home there are several things to pay attention to. First, you want to figure out what quality grade of the cabinet will be right for you. Then you want to look at the different types available. Then lastly you will want to decide on the layout and how stylized you want your design. Cabinets pricing ranges between $50 a linear foot to $500 a linear foot. Depending on the quality of construction and brand will determine the overall price.

Kitchen Cabinet Types

The first thing to consider when deciding on the cabinets you should get for your home is the quality level you are needing and what each type of cabinet brings to the table. Below are the top three cabinet types you should look into when buying new ones for your project.

Wood Cabinets


Wood Cabinets are timeless. Because of their classic design and quality, they will always be in style.

A large variety of styles. Wood cabinets can be made from a large variety of woods like Alder, Poplar, Oak, and Maple. Each kind of wood brings its own unique finish that creates a gorgeous look in your home.

Lasting Durability. Solid wood cabinets offer a resistant cabinet that is harder to damage the other options. Most dents and scratches can be buffed out.


Price Point. Wood cabinets are the highest quality cabinet available and most wanted which makes them more expensive than most other cabinet options.

High Maintenance. Will need to be constantly refinished and polished to make sure they can last a long time. Will want to make sure when you purchase your cabinets they have a waterproof finish.

Not water-resistant. Although it can have a waterproof finished a lot of water can damage the wood. humility can also cause damage by warping the wood.


Polyester cabinets are made from a blend of melamine and coated with a polyester film.


More affordable options. While polyester. cabinets are more expensive than some alternate cabinet options they are much cheaper than solid wood cabinets.

Large variety. Polyester cabinets. also offer a large variety of colors that you won’t be able to get from other cabinet materials.


Fixing damages. If polyester cabinets become scratched it is not a simple task to repair them. Many scratches or nicks can not be fixed. Leaving you with damaged cabinets.

Wood Veneer

Wood veneer cabinets have the same texture and. look like a wood cabinet. This is because they are fabricated by gluing a thin piece of real wood to a less expensive base. Material.


Cost-effective. Provides a cheaper alternative to solid wood cabinets.

Durable. Wood veneer cabinets offer a good amount of durability. They are. more durable than most cabinet materials, but less than solid wood.

Simple Repairs.  If they get. scratch or niched wood veneer. cabinets are much easier to fix than most other cabinet materials.


susceptible to water damage.  When wood veneer cabinets come into contact with water or moisture they can start. bubbling up and warping.

When it comes down to picking your cabinet material considers budget and purpose. Hands-down solid wood cabinets offer the best quality and most equity for your home, but they are the most expensive. Polyester and wood veneer cabinets are less durable but offer a more affordable price point. So when choosing what will be right for your space thinks about the future of your cabinets and if. long-lasting quality will be important to you over budget.


Cabinet customization levels


(RTA) Ready to assemble

Ready to assemble cabinets allow an affordable option to your everyday cabinet style. They are typically made from limited designs but offer easy DIY. These are a great option for people on a budget who well made long-lasting cabinets.


Stock cabinets are cabinet that is purchased in bulk and have specific dimensions. These cabinets typically come in many different styles and materials. such and plywood, solid wood types, and cover particle boards. you can purchase this style of cabinet based on the quality level you need so that it matches your budget. This is a good option to get a more unique style and quality material.



These cabinets are typically wood and can be made perfectly for your specific space. typically handcrafted to offer you endless options. These cabinets are by far the most expensive but are a  wonderful option if you are wanting to make a big investment in your home.


There are so many options to pick from when creating a dream home. Wood cabinets offer the best quality and overall style, but there are other materials as well that also bring a unique look that dazzles a home. Make sure to check out our solid wood cabinets by clicking the link here.






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