Rectified vs Pressed Tile for your Home

Talia cassell
Talia cassell

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Rectified VS Pressed Tile which is Right for your Home?

Tile is a wonderful flooring option for any home, but deciding between rectified and pressed tile can be difficult and sometimes confusing. In this article,

I will help you understand the difference so you can make an educated decision rather than a hopeful guess! Both types of tile have their benefits the main difference between the two has to do with their fabrication!

Pressed Tiles Fabrication

Tile is formed when Clay, Sand, and water are put in a mold for the desired shape and then baked in a kiln. During the fabrication process, the Tile will expand and contrast which makes each tile come out a bit different.

Pressed Tile is also know as round edge, cushion edge, or soft edge. This mainly means it is a regular non rectified Tile.

Rectified Tile

Rectified tile will undergo the same process of pressed tile fabrication. The difference is they add extra materials to the mold. Then they cut down the tile so all of the tiles are on the same side with the same edges. It is also cut at a 90-degree angle to allow you to set with extremely low grout.


The Benefits

Now that you know the difference between rectified and pressed tile it’s time to see the benefits of each.

Benefits of Pressed Tile
  • can use grout lines as a design feature
  • Offer smaller tile options
  • Lower price point
Benefits of Rectified
  • Allows almost seamless grout lines
  • very professional structured finish
  • Comes our straight and square
  • Offers larger styles
  • Can haveĀ  grout line as small as 1.5mm

The Disadvantages

To make the best-informed decision for what type of tile to pick you should also know the disadvantages of each one.

Pressed Tile Disadvantages
  • Unglazed tile will need to be resealed
  • Time-consuming and can be difficult to install
  • sometimes uneven
  • each tile has a little bit of a different edge not uniform
Rectified Tile Disavantages
  • A little more expensive
  • More difficult to set
  • Libbage is more obvious
  • Prone to corners chipping when setting

When it comes down to it both rectified and pressed tile are wonderful options for your home. The main difference you will need to choose from is how unified do you want your tiles, The size of grout thickness, and what size of tile you want.

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